Finally ... A decorative throw pillow cover that holds on to your leather couch! This is how to prevent your throw pillows from sliding around on your leather couch sofa. Our exclusive and patent-pending, yet simple solution uses non-slip fabric on the back, and includes an anti-slip strip on the bottom of the front face so your pillows hold on while standing up too, no more sliding off your couch. Especially good for leather and faux leather sectionals for lying down. Your non-slip pillow stays put under your head instead of slipping away. Born from necessity, in MyComfyPad spirit to make relaxing just a bit better. Your non-slip throw pillows will be where you left them when you come home. Our non slip pillow covers give you pillows that won't slip on your leather couch.

If you have a leather sofa or sectional, you understand! Please check back as we add new styles of non-slip pillow cover fabrics and colors. Thanks for visiting, we appreciate you!

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Keep your throw pillows in place on your leather couch with the MyComfyPad Non-Slip Pillow Covers. This is how to keep decorative pillows from sliding on or slipping off your leather couches.